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Seven Seasons

by The Brass Buttons

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He opened the door of his car and turned it off, then she looked back and stared at him They´d been talking for hours as if they just met, but it was the night of broken hearts Lady Lighthouse, keep turning and shining ’cause I need you please guide me thru the seas, yeah Lady Lighthouse, keep smiling and moving in the darkness, you´re the only thing I see She seemed to be happy, she was fooling everyone such a blue-eyed and perfect smile For a while he was waiting for a sing to get her back but it was the night of broken hearts Lady Lighthouse… Her body was found with a gun in her hand, no letter around for nobody She seemed to be happy, everyone agreed on, But it was the night of broken hearts Lady Lighthouse… Lady Lighthouse, as happy as can be.
I got a text today from you you say you would like to take me out with you I couldn´t reject when I gotta know the place At the Seven Seasons’ somebody´s watching girls passing by somebody is asking what you wanna have but I only wanna hold your hand, at the Seven Seasons’ Too many things for me are new you brought my life to a different point of view I feel I have changed since you took me to that place At the Seven Seasons’ Somebody is tired and wants to go away somebody else is trying her to stay and I would like to have a chance at the seven seasons nothing happens for a reason at the Seven Seasons’
One day I woke up and I was thinking I was Superman But soon I realised I have to begin from the start It's not that I´m unable to play it sharp It's more I have the feeling I'm a wandering star Take care of all the things they used to say, The rush and the rumble of the waves lulls you to sleep the sweet oblivion bye, bye, to all the dreams we had bye, bye, to the questions, the answers bye, bye, to feeling I'm alive bye, bye, bye Once again I was trying to do cartwheels but I felt the hunger of the time I spent memories, of the space around me bye, bye, to the persons who just left bye, bye, to the summer and its winter bye, bye, take over Superman bye, bye, bye Take over Superman, like if it doesn't matter it's you whom I swear bye, bye bye, bye…
Moby Dick 03:41
The big city wasn´t waiting for his chords Mama said “you couldn´t fight with a wooden sword” Nobody was there when he failed on, then he returned with eyes gone and hopes to be back. Moby Dick, The master of obsessions that hides in every person, Moby Dick “Please take a free flight to your dreams” said a web-ad she decided to believe in She crumbled down after photo shoots, more than 10.000 likes all nice dudes and some credit cards. Moby Dick, He´s watching from here under and can strike you like the thunder, Moby Dick Again it was his birthday that he missed Daddy promised to be there for the fifth He realized he had no life just before the failure of his heart. Moby Dick…
The clouds are looking at me, laughing at me, while they point me with their fingers, so consciously But my friends are protecting me, loving me, wishing me Happy Birthday but I still feel the clouds... Once I see your eyes you make me tired of being a wanderer Once I have your smile it takes ages to forget your love Once I see your eyes, oh oh I can see dark from my seat, it's getting closer I'm not sure we're gonna make it Christmas clouds still staring at me, in a future flying back together Once I see your eyes…
The day was gone, with the stars above I was not there with you as I would It was good to see you, 'cause I miss you Alan Was good to say hi, then you said bye I don't believe you say it's done I see you walk away, still love you Alan I see you walk away, don´t believe you say it´s done, ’Cause I still love you Alan
Gene my dear 03:04
Gene, my dear, you always gotta blame someone about your tears, about your laughter Can't you hear? Listen to the morning breeze Listen to your friends, down the rabbit hole, You are making things more complicated you have to find out something better Why don't you let us love you as you are, and replace that trace of sorrow in your eyes? Gene my dear Gene my dear you say you don't love me though, got the problem now, I’ll bring it to an end. You are…
I was where I wanted to be, but then you came across unexpectedly. I was doing like nothing happened, but soon I realized I was, all of the sudden, loving you. I just tried to live my little life, unconcerned with getting five out of five. But here you are, you´re second to none, and I´m hypnotized. All my will is under your sway, I didn´t mean for it to happen this way. Cause I guess you´re second to none, and I´m paralyzed. In a week it´s been one year Since I pretend I´m over everything I feared. I just tried to live my little life…
Secrets 03:56
Last night I went to the place we met so many guys but you weren´t there I miss the lies you used to say they made me feel ok I tried to keep my feelings down waiting that you ever come back to the place that you belong I know it looks like I am the one that broke your heart and screwed things up You think I didn´t know the truth the stories you´ve been through I tried to keep my feelings down…g and then I felt you were so far that baby I decided to start and now I´ve got some secrets too And so you heard some stories too that I was kissing anyone but you and then you felt so deep betrayed but nothing was left to break I tried to keep my feelings down…
Summertime 02:36
(Lyrics Inspired by Charles Bukowski texts) I sat in my room, I felt depressed looking like lazy slug starting from the scratch This is what I always have, nothing at all welcome back Summertime, please make me disappear Lonely solitude, I gotta terrible itch for. Don´t wanna be somebody mingled with somebody I’ve never been bothered at all, I'm just like a lucky dog we need to rush out into the night, before it drives me mad. I guess it's my Summertime, let me disappear I don’t want to leave you alone, my little one, nobody ever finds it, there's no chance at all I can see a thousand lives, it’s mathematical, It's all a zero equation, that gets no feeling back This is what I always had, nothing at all welcome back Summertime, make me disappear I guess it's my Summertime, where we're all are trapped.
Come soon 03:55
It's long ago, I have to see her I bring some flowers to show her I care Maybe today I'll have to tell her I never loved nobody this way Someday you'll have to take me away out of the glimmer, out of the shade Come soon my baby and bring me the sun I can't believe how I miss you How I care the words that showed me the way I cherish the tears of joy I'm missing, flooded by bitter ones shed in my bed When I try to think over it my hands shiver Bring me the air and the water, please take me to life Come soon my baby, let's watch the morning sun Without you here the morning will bring you Come soon my baby… Keep close, keep warm the morning will bring you My Darling, my baby, my love
Monday was the day he chose, “there are things I'd like to say", he thought, It will not take forever So he took her to a quiet corner, she wouldn 't know what to expect, and then, he took a piece of paper and started to read: "I iove you, if you're not around I don't want to live. I need you, I will only try to make you as happy as can be" She didn 't miss a word he said, but suddenly dropped the hand he had held, covered her red cheeks, and started to cry: ''I'm sorry, my heart belongs to someone else. At this mom ent we can only be friends . I like you, you're a nice man , you will find your girl" Years later he couldn't speak when they bump ed in a lonely street, he tried "how is your family doing?" She wore a lovely dress, nobody noticed her state, she said “I'm having my third child, I'm ju st a happy wife" They soon ran out of things to say, and sure he tried to pretend he had no feelings left about her, but she realized: "Please tell me that you still believe me, when I say today my love remains. “I still love you. I will wait for you until the day I'm out of breath ". Monday was the day he chose, "there are things I'd like to say", he thought.
Winterlong 03:37


released June 1, 2017

Produced by PACO LOCO and THE BRASS BUTTONS (www.pacoloco.net)
Illustrations and art direction by JOSE FRAGOSO (www.fragosoart.com)
Released by ROCK INDIANA 2017 (www.rockindiana.com)


all rights reserved



The Brass Buttons AL, Spain

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